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Taxation law

In cooperation with auditors, we render tax consultancy to our clients. We represent our clients successfully in tax administration procedures and court cases initiated to supervise them.

Criminal law

Our specialists perform defence tasks first in economical criminal matters.

Corporate law

We are rendering services to our clients in all the fields connected with the corporate law from the company establishment to the final settlement. In addition to the company registration procedures we are acting also in order to obtain the necessary authority permits. We have great experience in the field of the company buying-up and company screening (due diligence), modification of the company capital structure as well as company reorganizations and firm restructuring.

Family law

In acting regarding family law matters our primary aim is to promote to the agreements out of court. During the lawsuits for dissolution of the conjugal community, placement of children, enforcement of children maintenance, lawsuits for wardship we represent the clients, draw up the marriage or common-law marriage law of property contracts as well as prepare last wills, inheritance contracts, gift deeds in case of death, represent clients during probates of will, enforcement of claims connected with inheritance.

Property law

Our activities in connection with properties include the complete services of legal screening required at the acquisition of the property and upon request the preparation of the sale-purchase, designing, construction-implementation, leasing or operation contracts.
In addition to the legal consultancy in connection with the condominium operation, our Office performed successful consulting activity in several property investment projects from the residential parks through hotel investments to the utilization of office buildings.

Legal disputes

We are representing our clients in the field of the economical, private and labour law as well as of various administration matters in the procedures in courts as well as inland and international authorities, supervision organizations, before permanent and ad hoc arbitration courts.
During the representation in lawsuits and prior to them, we emphasize to promote to the settlement of legal disputes possibly within reasonable time, economically and acceptably for both parties.

Credit management

Our activity is made efficient by our significant experience both in enforcement of creditors’ claims and representing the debtors towards the creditors. Our activity comprises the tasks from the notices to pay to initiating liquidation and distrain procedures as well as to perform the representation in these procedures.

Labour law

We are continuously rendering legal consultancy for our clients concerning the most different labour law matters, so preparing and modifying general and management job contracts as well as during the termination of employment. We provide for efficient cooperation in establishing of employment system based on labour finding and labour leasing.

Public procurement law

Our lawyers having decennial public procurement experience and our official public procurement consultants are providing public procurement consultancy for our clients. In this sphere, our activity includes the representation of both the bidders and inquirers.

When representing the inquirers we undertake the complete transaction and documentation of the public procurement procedures perform official public procurement consulting function as well as on the basis of personal or written requests we render public procurement legal consultancy concerning every question raised. We help to select the proper kind of procedure, prepare the yearly public procurement plans, public procurement regulations, their enactment concerning inquirers’ obligations stipulated in the valid public procurement law regulations. Should we be requested to represent bidders, during the public procurement procedures we undertake to prepare preliminary reports of inquiries and documentation for bidders, to prepare bids, complete communication with inquirers on behalf of bidders during one or more public procurement procedures in case of permanent assignment. Upon our clients’ request, we prepare legal information on the public procurement regulations, modifications valid and to be coming into force, practical information. We undertake the legal representation of our clients during legal remedy procedures such as in preliminary settlement of disputes, in legal remedy procedures before the Public Procurement Arbitration Committee of the Public Procurement Council as well as Metropolitan Court and High Court of Justice. When representing the bidders we have closed several legal remedy procedures with favourable judgement for our clients, however, in the public procurement procedures completed by us there were not condemning judgements either before the forums mentioned above or others

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