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About us

Founders graduated from the University of Szeged in 1998 and have been co-operating on Andrássy Avenue since 2005 with a constantly expanding team and clientele in tax law, business law, real estate, labor law, competition law, liquidation and enforcement.

The individual fields of law are overlapping; therefore, the services rendered by us always have the work and experience of every colleague in the background.

Through our international relations, we represent not only our foreign clients in Hungary but we can also help our home clients outside Hungary. Our colleagues speak at negotiation level and draw up documents in English, German, and French.




Why choose us?

Precise and professionalism

After the precise mapping and understanding of your case and needs we create a tailor-made legal strategy for your success. Efficiency and advocacy are both key elements to the successful resolution of any matter.

15 years of practice

During our 15 years on the legal field we have represented our clients in almost 1,500 cases with success. Our top priority is to provide high-quality legal and excellent client services.

Predictable fees

Our business philosophy to inform you about all legal fees and costs at the very beginning of our cooperation that makes it predictable and calculable for you to make the right decision.

Our philosophy



Our first focus in our firm philosophy is on integrity and trust. A solid attorney-client relationship can’t exist in the absence of trust; therefore, we strive every day to foster trust that leads to a productive and mutually beneficial attorney-client relationship.



Our firm philosophy is also based on clear communication and prompt service. We have a dedicated team of professionals that understands your needs and thoroughly inform you of your options. Your needs come first in our client focused culture.



Lastly, in our firm philosophy, we are guided by the commitment to represent our clients zealously in the most cost effective manner, without sacrificing quality. To that end, we strive to be proactive, not reactive.

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