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Dr. Dávid Lehoczky

Dr. Dávid Lehoczky

real estate law, criminal Law, corporate affairs

Dr. Sándor Muszka

Dr. Sándor Muszka

real estate law, corporate law, taxation law, judicial execution and liquidation cases

Our Expertise

Taxation law

In cooperation with auditors, we render tax consultancy to our clients.

Family law

In acting regarding family law matters our primary aim is to promote to the agreements out of court.

Criminal law

Our specialists perform defence tasks first in economical criminal matters.

Corporate law

We are rendering services to our clients in all the fields connected with the corporate law from the company establishment to the final settlement.

Public procurement law

Our lawyers having decennial public procurement experience and our official public procurement consultants are providing public procurement consultancy for our clients.

Credit management

Our activity is made efficient by our significant experience both in enforcement of creditors’ claims and representing the debtors towards the creditors.

Property law

Our activities in connection with properties include the complete services of legal screening required at the acquisition of the property and upon request the preparation of the sale-purchase, designing, construction-implementation, leasing or operation contracts.

Labour law

We are continuously rendering legal consultancy for our clients concerning the most different labour law matters, so preparing and modifying general and management job contracts as well as during the termination of employment. We provide for efficient cooperation in establishing of employment system based on labour finding and labour leasing.

Legal disputes

We are representing our clients in the field of the economical, private and labour law as well as of various administration matters in the procedures in courts as well as inland and international authorities, supervision organizations, before permanent and ad hoc arbitration courts.

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